Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Boot camp day 2

Well, let me tell you that day one was pretty easy compared to today. There not as much resting today and LOTS of exercises.
We warmed up for about 10 min and then moved into a super set of
3x12 squats with 12 lb dumbells
3x12 pushups
The next set was 20 lunge steps with 12 lb weights, then onto 12 diamond push ups on the knees
Next was an exercise called the lunge/curl/press where we did a lunge step. stood up, did a curl, and then a shoulder press - Ouch from 20 of these.
Next was running from station to station
1st station was inclined 8 push ups on the upside of the bench and 10 steps ups for each leg
2 was side shuffles where we slid our feet side to side as we did squats. We did this for maybe 1/10th mile, but it was hard
Station 3 was work with resistance bands, which I have to admit I viewed as frilly, but oh man, not anymore. We did 3 exercises with me using a medium band where we did pull downs (50), chest flys (50), and finally tricep work (30).
We finished with cone course.

OUCH is all I have to say!

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