Monday, April 4, 2011

Back at it

After way too long not doing endurance activities, I am back at it. I have finally got sick of being tired, overweight, and out of shape and since I live in Colorado again it was time to get back to it.

Today I started a new fitness boot camp in Longmont that runs for 5 weeks 3x a week and it was eye opening. Today was all about testing for a baseline and here are my results
Crunches - 49 in 2 minutes
Push-ups - 17 before failure
90 deg timed squat - 3:05 sec before failure
Timed 1 mile run - I was not sure of how this would turn out, as when I got motivated a few months ago and went for a 1 mile run, I felt like Hel and  never thought I would run again. Today at a RPE of 7/8 maybe, I ran a nice 10:32 and never felt like I was dying and at the end I actually felt good and like I could do that a few times a week, which is was I need to start losing the weight and fat I have gained over the last few years.
Here is to a new leaf turning over,

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