Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 1 thoughts

Well today starts week 2 of trying to get back into running using the Maffetone method of running and I wanted to jot down a few thoughts.
Last week I started with a hike on Monday as my first day back, which HR wise was more in line with Maffetone. Wednesday I ran a loop near my house and pushed it a bit much with an average HR of 140. Friday was better averaging 135, but still a little hard I think.
Saturday did some riding around town with the family and on Sunday did my LSD run, which is all relative, as mine was just under 3 miles, but I really held to the HR method and averaged 132, which was a slow pace, but today I am only a tad sore on the sides of my quads, but feel like I could do it again today if need be.

This really opened my eyes to the idea that this program can work, so I am making a commitment to do this method for my running. The hardest part is feeling like I need to go faster, but that is a mental game I need to win. I wanted to thanks Steve Pero for showing me this program.

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