Monday, March 3, 2014

Week's stats

Finished my first week of running in a few months and while it was not great, it was better than not running.
M - 4.4 miles on the local trails near work
T - 2 miles through the hood near work
W - 3 miles of road running near home
The rest of the week was a bust, as Th/F were supposed to be rest days and S/Su were supposed to be trail runs, but with temps in the teens, I wussed out.

This coming week's schedule is this with some effort of core work.
Day Date Distance Time Effort Workout Notes
Mon 3/4/2014 Off
Tue 3/5/2014 30 1 Base 13:00 pace effort
Wed 3/6/2014 40 1 Base 13:00 pace effort
Thu 3/7/2014 30 1 Base 13:00 pace effort
Fri 3/8/2014 Off
Sat 3/9/2014 55 2 Long 13:00 pace effort
Sun 3/10/2014 30 1 Base 13:00 pace effort

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